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Greg DuCharme - Instructor

Greg DuCharme has been coaching at the Michael Breed Golf Academy since 2014. He has been recognized as one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America for 2018-2019, as the youngest coach on the list. Greg’s career in golf began at Niskayuna High School in upstate New York. He has since graduated from the PGA Professional Golf Management Program at Coastal Carolina University. Greg has been heavily influenced by some of the greatest minds in the game: Michael Breed, Bob Bigonette, Martin Hall, Andrew Rice, Martin Chuck, Mike Adams, Phil Kenyon, Buddy Antonopolus, Chuck Cook, Butch Harmon, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, and many more. Greg can be heard on Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio on “A New Breed of Golf” from 8-10 AM Monday-Friday.

Dr. Nick Molinaro - Mental Coach

Dr. Nick is a Licensed Psychologist with a specialty in Sport Psychology. He has been a guest of Michael’s on The Golf Fix and A New Breed of Golf, SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. In addition to working with players on PGA,  Champions, LPGA,, etc Tours he also works with Junior/collegiate golfers and members of the US Ski and Gymnastics Teams and athletes in the NBA, NFL, NASCAR, etc.