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Watch The Golf Fix Every Monday

Watch The Golf Fix Every Monday
January 9, 2015 mbreed

Now in its 7th season, Michael gives real solutions to your golf questions Monday nights at 8pm EST.

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Comments (3)

  1. whack attack 4 years ago

    I just got a Skypro. ..WOW! incredible amount of information. first impression ” I’m not as bad as I thought”. I am a novice golfer. The one parameter that seems way you off is the club head angle at the three quarter check mark. it shows the club at 0 degrees usually, and sometimes a – 5 to -10 degrees. it shows 45 degree positive at the top and a 25 degree positive at take away. How do I work on that?

  2. Gary miller 3 years ago


  3. Tony Amari 3 years ago

    i watched your videos on coordinating the hockey swing to the golf swing, only problem is i play hockey left handed and gof right ….. any advice?

    i have also learned that picking the ball off of the surface is an excellent way to attack the shot, however i consistently top the ball and when i try to keep my chest down i hit em fat ….. any advice?

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