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Effect To Cause Core Series DVDs

Effect To Cause Core Series DVDs


This is the core training. 2 HD DVDs that walk through everything you need to unleash your full potential on the golf course. Finally, get control of every swing, add easy distance to every drive, and never hit the same bad shot twice in a row again.

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Step-by-step, everything you need to become a ball flight wizard and fix your mishits the minute they happen. Everyone hits bad shots, but the golfers who know why and what to do about it are the ones at the top of the leaderboard.

Now you can be one of those golfers.

Michael Breed has crammed every Tour-level ball flight secret into this easy-to-grasp and highly-entertaining training.

Shank, skull, slice, top, fat shot, thin shot… it doesn’t matter. With Effect To Cause Golf, you’ll know why it happened, and exactly how to fix it for a longer, straighter, truer shot with the very next swing! Instantly correct any mistake right on the course, and immediately get back on track for a fantastic round.

Also comes with:

The Effect to Cause Caddie Card. Keep this little card with you every time you play – and trust me, you’ll quickly find it’s worth its weight in gold.

The Caddie Card is your Effect To Cause “pocket manual.” Available online, print it and keep it in your golf bag, and if a bad shot stumps you, if you can’t figure out why your ball took the crazy path it did, pull out your Caddie Card, and the card will tell you!

It’s a quick, easy reference for all your classic golf mistakes, and it won’t take long before you start to memorize what’s on it… making Effect To Cause Golf automatic!

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