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Breed Bar

Breed Bar



Watch this video to see all that the Breed Bar can do:


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If You Slice, Hook or Hit the Ball Fat…

If Your Alignment is Off-Line, Your Weight Shift Shaky or Your Balance Out-of-Whack…

 No Matter What’s Robbing You of Distance, Accuracy & Consistency…

 One Simple Tool Can Fix Any Flaw You’ve Got…

AND Groove a Powerful Swing You Can Count On – Round after Round after Round.

A quick checklist:

• Alignment: Line up your feet, hips and shoulders properly, shot after shot, and you’re already ahead of the game. (Believe it or not, the vast majority of amateurs struggle to align themselves correctly – and it short-circuits their swing.)

• Aim: Confidently point the clubface at the target for deadly accuracy.

• Balance: Keep your weight perfectly distributed to assure pure contact.

• Ball positioning: Avoid careless miss-hits and control your trajectory by playing the ball in just the right spot.

• Weight transfer: Build a powerful swing by turning correctly, back and through.

• Swing plane: Fine tune your game by getting your arms, shaft and clubface in perfect sync.

• Clubhead path: Maximize power, accuracy and consistency with an inside-to-out approach.

• Spine angle: Master this crucial yet overlooked fundamental to become a rock-solid ball-striker.

• Head position: The pros follow a simple formula for driver and iron shots. Use the Breed Bar to copy their methods and watch your scores plummet.

• Start lines: Make sure the ball is headed in precisely the right direction in those critical few yards after impact.

• Short game and putting: Fundamentals like alignment and ball position are just as important on and around the greens. The Breed Bar will get yours in working order.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 5 × 1 in

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